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  • My scarf is dirty, how do I clean it best?
    If you want your scarf to stay as beautiful as you bought it, we recommend that you wash it on a handwash program with cold water, on a gentle or no spin. For best results, use the cotton bag in which the scarf was packed. Do not use bleacher. The colours will stay longer bright if you dry your scarf in the shade. It will recover its initial form as soon as you iron it on a low temperature.
  • My scarf has defects, what can I do?
    Please contact us on within five days from your purchase. Do not wear the scarf and make sure you keep the original package intact. All the other information regarding return of goods and shipping is available under Terms and Conditions.
  • Do you have a Fair Trade certification?
    No, but it is one of our goals. Fair Trade certification is a long process and we have just begun with our production. Also Fair Trade textiles have to be produced out of Fair Trade cotton. Since Ethiopian cotton is giving way to imported fibres from China, it is sometimes very hard to find it. We are buying from different markets in Addis Ababa Ethiopian cotton which is locally produced, but we cannot guarantee the certification for it at this stage.
  • Why do you limit the number of your scarves?
    We believe in quality over quantity. We prefer to pay the artisans a fair price to produce a high quality product and spend more time on it. We also give Maraki and the hand-weavers the opportunity to experience with the material and colours and to find new ways to interpret and produce our designs. In the end our textiles are little works of art, each one of them distinct from the others through small irregularities, which are the mark of hand-made products. For us each scarf has its own personality and that is why we only produce them in limited editions.
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